As Kenji Kanno in "No-No Boy" with Pan Asian Repertory Theatre.
In a guest starring role as Peter Chen in "Blue Bloods."
As Uriel Acosta in "Uriel Acosta: I Want That Man!" with Target Margin Theater.
As Agent Arinori in "Daredevil," S3, on Netflix.
As the Samurai in Leah Nanako Winkler's "Double Suicide at Ueno Park!" with Ensemble Studio Theatre.
As Jake in "VOWS: The Series."
A Daniel in the premiere of Christopher Chen's "You Mean To Do Me Harm" with San Francisco Playhouse
As the lead antagonist in Darnaa's "Already Loving You" music video. Directed by Brendan Bellomo.
Behind the scenes as Sam in Kieu-Anh Truong's "Plus One."