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"Afong Moy’s counterpart is Atung, her official translator and unofficial friend, protector, confidante, and one-man Greek chorus. Played to perfection by Don Castro, he wears a white robe and cap and spends most of his stage time on a small, low stool next to Afong Moy’s elaborately decorated room. He delivers his cynical insights with an ironic wit that belies his growing affection for Afong Moy as the decades pass." - The Detroit Jewish News

"But when, about halfway through, Red Flamboyant steps off into myth and ghosts and fever dreams, including Mrs. Hue's living nightmare of trying to wrest help from a hardened bureaucrat (Don Castro, who is fun to watch), it at last begins to breathe."

- New York Times

"As the war veteran, Kenji Kanno, who is coping with having lost a leg, the powerful Don Castro is simultaneously garrulous and heartbreaking." -

"The basics of this play are top quality: the acting is excellent--genuine, natural, and graceful...Don Castro is particularly good as the conflicted Philip, whose restlessness and confusion don't completely hide his fierce, true self." - Hi! Drama

"Don Castro is very charming as a hapless samurai." -

"It’s only in Don Castro’s delirious summary of the play...that the show achieves its impact. Castro gives an endearing, playful performance as a wasted English Professor who observes the unfolding chaos. Through his alcohol-fueled epiphanies; he relates The Bacchae to both The New Testament and the Lord of the Rings, the play finds its subtle sloshed comedy." - Theatre Reviews Limited




An interview with ManWithoutFear, a long time Daredevil fan site, regarding Don's experience working on Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix, auditioning for his role as Agent Arinori, and what it was like to work with Vincent D'Onofrio. 

In an interview with Olivia LaVecchia from The Awl, Don discusses his experience working with M. Night Shyamalan in The Happening. Entitled "When We Pretend We're Dead: Eight Actors on Their Death Scenes," you can read the full interview here.

An interview as a Featured Artist with Mission to Ditmars.

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